Connecting underrepresented young people to leadership and early career opportunities


Connecting underrepresented young people to early career opportunities


DLN ACCESS is a platform that connects underrepresented young people, aged 7-19, to work-related opportunities. It was set up to support the work of its partner organisation, Diverse Leaders Network (DLN), in response to growing demand from its network of schools and student leaders aged 7-19. They wanted a platform where they could access age-appropriate career and leadership development opportunities. DLN ACCESS is now accessible to all young people from underrepresented groups.

Our Vision

To see leadership, across all sectors, reflect the rich diversity of the society it serves.

Our 3A Approach

Diverse Leaders Network was founded with the aim to help young people from underrepresented groups overcome three identified barriers that contribute to a lack of social mobility in the UK and underrepresentation in the workplace.

Sign Up Young People/Schools/Post


Problem: Limited

careers knowledge


Solution: We increase the knowledge of non-stereotypical jobs, unconventional pathways and progressive industries that may not have been considered

Sharpen Skills


Problem: Poorer student outcomes and underperformance


Solution: We provide early-engagement opportunities for businesses to improve the attainment and career readiness of diverse young people.

YP Stand out


Problem: Limited access to networks and opportunities.


Solution: We provide businesses with unparalleled access to a pool of diverse future talent who have great leadership potential.


While we share the same vision, values and 3A approach, Diverse Leaders Network focuses on all things student leadership and DLN ACCESS focuses on providing access to leadership and early career opportunities.

We will not stop any young person from signing up. However, for every opportunity, at least 75% of participants will be from one or more of the following backgrounds: ethnically diverse, girls and/or low socio-economic.

Yes. Our platform provides access to both virtual and face to face opportunities, enabling us to promote social mobility and reach some of the most remote and underserved communities in the country.

More and more research proves that stereotypes about gender, ethnicity, class and careers begin to form in young people as young as 7.

If stereotypes are negative and go unchallenged, they can lock those from underrepresented groups in a cycle of disadvantage.

No, you do not have to be a student leader or complete a DLN leadership programme to sign up. However, students who have completed the Student Leadership Training Programme or the Corporate Mentoring Programme will be given first refusal to exclusive opportunities and events. Visit www.diverseleadersnetwork.org.uk for more information.

DLN ACCESS is a facilitator and does not organise the events provided on this platform. Therefore, depending on the age, opportunity and time, teachers, parents and guardians must be prepared to accompany and/or organise transportation to and from the opportunity. If virtual, teachers, parents and guardians are responsible for providing a suitable location and the resources required to take part.

For information on our safeguarding policy, please click here.